We’re Motivated

We believe our growth and financial success will convince you of our credibility and expertise in this industry. Nifty Fifty’s was built on the back and at the direction of Leo McGlynn who has decades of exceptional operational experience with food service concepts. With our years of experience, we are confident we have perfected the systems needed to duplicate our restaurant model. Let’s invite the idea of a combination of affordability and great food into our franchise investment considerations with a brand that people can trust. Nifty Fifty’s makes food-service fun, family-friendly and customer-centric in every customer experience, resulting in a strong franchise opportunity and restaurant model.

Our Brand

We value our customers as part of our family and we want to develop a team of franchisees and partners that feel the same way about our brand and vision for growing the business. The beauty of the Nifty Fifty’s model is that we are able to appeal to everyone with fresh ingredients, great service and delicious menu items. Nifty Fifty’s is for anyone who wants to reminisce and enjoy the good ole’ Fifty’s atmosphere, all while satisfying their cravings for fresh food. Through persistence, time, and passion we developed our operating systems and business standards to a point where we believed we could replicate the model through franchising without diminishing the value of the brand. We are offering an opportunity to join our fast-growing brand and have confidence that our business platform offers all of the necessary components for a successful future in business for yourself.

Benefits with Us

The rise in consumer demand for quality ingredients, better quality food and more consistent customer service has driven today’s consumer away from fast food and into higher quality dining. Nifty Fifty’s has managed to stay genuine to the company’s original mission of providing great food and great service. Nifty Fifty’s refuses to compromise the integrity of their food or customer relationships with shortcuts of any kind. This reason alone is what has created such a successful brand with a track record showing decades of consistent positive customer experiences. This same focus on what has made the business successful and effective on the consumer side, is what has been integrated into the Nifty Fifty’s franchise platform. We believe this offers you the systems and structure you need to start your own business.